Activity of the week!

Available from the China Cash & Carry store next to Mica in Landros Mare street.

  • 144 piece set for R240
  • 190 piece assembly set for R260

(For R20 extra you might as well go BIG 😁). This activity is suitable for our little ones (2 years) and bigger kids. The set contains red, blue, yellow and green screws and πŸ”΅ ⬛ πŸ”ΊοΈ assembly pieces so it is great for matching, sorting and identifying colours and shapes. The drill (set contains 2) is fantastic for strengthening the small muscles in your child’s βœ‹ and facilitating individual finger movements.

The screwdriver provided practices forearm and wrist rotation while improving handπŸ‘ coordination. On top of that it trains visual perceptual skills (form constancy and visual closure) and spatial orientation. If that is not enough to convince you to go shopping for an early birthday/Christmas gift the activity is phenomenal in its stimulation of planning and creativity.