1. Hold one magnet in each hand.
  2. Throw the magnets up in the air at the same time letting them connect in the air.
  3. Catch the magnets as they fall down.
  4. Try to make this harder by clapping your hands twice before catching, catching with only one hand, turning around in a circle before catching etc.
  5. Repeat the activity, but start by holding the magnets in one hand: one between the thumb and forefinger and the other with the ring and little fingers. Catch the magnets with the same hand and then with the other hand.


  1. Place a sheet of paper in the bottom of a shoe box.
  2. Randomly drop drops of paint on the paper.
  3. Place a paper clip on the sheet.
  4. Move the magnet around under the box, pulling the paper clip through the paint to mix the paint.
  5. Try to “paint” different lines, shapes, letters and numbers.


  1. Draw a picture of a landscape.
  2. Cut a diamond out of a piece of paper taping two paperclips to the back.
  3. Put the kite on the paper and move the magnet at the back to “fly the kite”.


Try to find your way through the maze provided by placing one magnet on the start and using the other magnet at the bottom of the page to guide your magnet through the maze.


  1. Cut out a car out of paper.
  2. Tape paperclips to the back of your car.
  3. Have a race with your child to see whose car can reach the finish line first.


  1. Tie your magnet to a stick/ruler with a piece of string or wool.
  2. Use your magnet “fishing rod” to fish for sight words, letters, numbers, doubling/halving the number you catch, building words by fishing for the next letter etc.
  3. You can make the fishing cards by printing numbers/letters/ pictures on paper and attaching a paper clip to each card.


  1. Cut pieces of pipe cleaners in lengths of up to 3cm.
  2. Hold the magnet to the pipe cleanersand see what funny hair your magnet comes out with.