Blow up your balloon.

  1. See who can blow up the largest balloon with only five breaths.
  2. Place the balloon part way in a bucket of water. Blow up the balloon so that the water overflows.
  3. Draw as many stick men as you can using a felt marker on your balloon while holding the balloon in one hand, drawing the men with the other hand (do not put a knot in the balloon).
  4. Stand on the starting line and let go of your blown up balloon. At the point where the balloon lands, it is blown up again and let go again. Repeat until the balloon flies over the finishing line.
  5. Try to make different pieces of music with the balloons by letting the air escape.
  6. A cotton ball is blown over a course and to a goal with the help of the balloon, letting the air escape slowly.

Blow up your balloon and tie a knot in the neck of the balloon. Keep the balloon in the air by hitting it with your hand. Make it harder by adding in more balloons or placing restrictions e.g. no hands.

  1. Divide into teams. Each team stand in a small circle. See which team can keep a balloon aloft the longest using only breath.
  2. Keep the balloon in the air by tapping it with your fingers (holding the balloon is not allowed) while taking off your shirt.
  3. Sit across from each other. 1-3 balloons must be hit over and behind your opponent. Standing up is not allowed.
  4. Run hitting the balloon back and forth during the entire run. Table tennis paddles, tennis rackets, swim fins or rolled up newspapers can be used to hit the balloon.
  5. Place a balloon on a hand towel held between you and your child. The towel must be held taught so that the balloon stays on top and is not caught in the towel like a net. Walk from the starting to the finish line without the balloon falling off the towel.
  6. Stand in a circle. Toss a balloon in the air and call someone’s name. That person must catch the balloon before it touches the ground. If the person succeeds s/he then tosses the balloon up and calls the next name.
  7. Stand in a circle. Toss the balloon in the air and call someone’s name. As well as calling out someone’s name, also call out a body part which that person has to use to keep the balloon in the air until s/he calls another person’s name and a body part.

Pull the neck of the balloon over the tap and fill the balloon with water. Tie a knot in the neck.

  1. Water filled balloons are thrown relay style from person to person. After each successful catch stand one step back.
  2. A water filled balloon is placed on top of a cardboard roll (e.g. toilet roll) and passed to the next player relay style.