Lace shape.

Change the technique used to lace:

  1. Front, back, front, back.
  2. In, out, in, out.
  3. Around.

Trace the outline of the shape.

Cut out the shape and decorate it by:

  1. Tearing crinkle paper in strips. Crumple the tissue paper and stick the little paper balls on the shape.
  2. Let your child wet his/her thumb or index finger. Press the finger on water paint. Decorate the shape with your fingerprints.
  3. Mix some water paint in a bowl. Blow bubbles in the paint with a straw. Decorate the shape by pressing it against the bubbles.
  4. Colour the shape with wax crayons. Use different colours. Mix some black powder paint with dishwashing liquid and paint it over the shape. Scratch out patterns with the scratch pen.
  5. Tear glue paper in small pieces and decorate the shape with the paper scraps.

Place the shape on a piece of cardboard. Trace the outline of the shape and make a dot, using a pencil or pen, in each hole. Cut out the shape and place it on the polystyrene board. Press a thumb tack on each dot. Number the dots and let your child connect the dots to form the shape. Fold a piece of fabric double. Let your child trace the shape on the fabric. Sew the shapes together and put some potpourri inside.

Make a string figure. Knot the ends of the shoelace together to make a loop. Pick up one short section of the string loop on both thumbs without twisting it. The string now goes from one thumb to the next without any twists in it. The string closest to you is called the near thumb string, and the farthest one is called the far thumb string. Now, using your little fingers, pick up the far thumb string on the fingernail side of the little fingers. Now just spread your hands and fingers apart to tighten the string.

Use your right forefinger to move left and pick up the left palm string on the back of the forefinger. Tighten the strings. The left forefinger then moves right, goes through the right forefinger noose and picks up the right palm string. Tighten the strings after each step with palms facing each other and fingers pointing up and spread apart.

Move both your thumbs over the near forefinger strings and pick up both far forefinger strings (pulling the hands apart to make the strings tight). Now remove the lower of the two strings, the original thumb nooses, from both thumbs. You can remove each bottom string with the opposite hand, or you can use your middle fingers to remove the bottom near thumb string up and over the thumbs at the same time while leaving the upper string nooses in place. Release both little fingers and extend the thumbs up.

Look on the internet (kid’s guide to easy string figures) for more string figures.

Trace the form on a piece of white paper. Put glue on the outlines of the shape and stick wool/rope/pipecleaners on the lines. Stick spirals of wool inside the shape.

Use old pieces of fabric or pasta to decorate the shape.

Trace the shape on a piece of stiff white paper. Cut out the shape. Place the shape on a piece of thin paper and splash paint (using a paintbrush or old toothbrush) on the paper. Do not move or pick up the shape while you are busy.

Blow the paint with a straw over the shape. Use an eye dropper to drop paint on the shape.

Draw three vertical lines on a white paper, 8cm from each other. Fold the paper in a concertina. Trace the shape on the front of the folded paper. Make sure that the shape touches both sides. Cut out the shape through all four layers of paper, being careful not to cut open the folded sides. Open the paper. Paint each shape a different colour and let it dry.